CiderPress – Creating Disk Images from BXY Files

December 22, 2017

I downloaded a number of BXY files (filename.bxy) that contained Christmas art for Apple II Programs. In the example below I used PublishIt4 to import the individual pictures.

Anyway, the bxy files contained 24 pictures each but only 8 can fit on a 5.25 disk image. Here is a picture in CiderPress. You can also create a .2mg file containing all 24 files if you want. I created all 24 on a 800k.po file and then converted it to the 2mg. Works perfectly fine in the Virtual II Emulator as long as you configure Virtual II with SCSI drives. See earlier blog post on doing this. I think you can search on OmniDisk.

I used File, Open dropdown to view contents. Then, I selected the pictures I wanted. Next, go to Actions, Convert to disk archive. Following usual CiderPress actions, Name the volume, click OK, and then save file, use same name or different name. This gives you a filename.po image which I loaded to my Virtual IIe Emulator. Below is a snapshot of PublishIt4 printout of some of the pictures.

The End


AppleWorks 3 and TimeOut Thesaurus

May 4, 2017

I have AppleWorks 3 on a number of images for Virtual II Emulator. Some 3.5″ (.2mg) and some OmniDisk SCSI ProDOS 32MB (.2mg). I keep adding the TimeOut applications to the mix. By the way, The version of Thesaurus online at is a “.BIN” file. I used CiderPress(Mac Wine version) to create a .2mg image from the .po image since Virtual II does not like 99% of the .po images. [ I have an earlier blog entry on the CiderPress Wine and the link to it ]. I’ll post here but if I forget you can search for it.

Some other AppleWorks 3 and TimeOut Note Pad.

By the way the Notes for Note Pad are stored in a TXT file so you need to select create new word processing file in AppleWorks and then text file to pull into AppleWorks. That is if you want to read them outside of TimeOut Note Pad.

CiderPress on macOS 10.nn via Wine (see link below)

March 17, 2017

I’ve been a long time user of CiderPress for Windows to manage images for my Apple II computers. But, it required me to run Parallels for macOS.  [ since I haven’t permitted Windows computers among family members since 2005; I got tired of fixing everyone’s issues ]. So, when this popped up I jumped at it. Straight download, app lands on desktop and off you go. So far, it’s done everything I’ve needed. I’m running macOS Sierra in case you need that for reference.

MicroDrive Turbo

September 10, 2016

I use the MicroDrive Turbo on my IIGS computers. I originally installed it in my Rom 01 IIGS. It greatly reduced bootup time. The 4 partitions that came with the drive give you everything to get started. With the floppy drives I was able to copy or install many programs on the partitions.

If you count the partitions in the next to last picture you’ll see 5. I added a partition with the utilities that came with the device, and I created one of my own with CiderPress. Plus, I downloaded hard drive images from:

and installed those over existing partition images. Once again, with CiderPress. 

This is Alex Lee’s great site.

Apple II – Create .do files from .wav cassette files

May 21, 2016 has many of the old Apple Cassette programs on it’s site.

They are in wav file format compatible with playing them from your computer directly into your input port of your Apple II, Apple II+, and Apple IIe via the [LOAD and [RUN commands.

However, you can convert these wav files to .do images which can be played in an Apple II emulator such as Virtual II. I run Virtual II on my MacBook Pro.

The program you need is called CiderPress. It runs under Windows. I run Windows XP under Parallels on my MacBook Pro to perform these conversions.

The following are the sequence of pictures for creating the .do from .wav file.

As you can see from the pictures I didn’t spefically name any of the basic programs and just let the default From.Tape. However, on subsequent imports I name the program on one of the basic tracks…like Lunar, or Maze which are just two of the 20 or so files I’ve converted.