MouseWrite v2.6.8 on Apple IIGS 

April 30, 2016

This version. 2.6.8, has Spell Checker disk, and Accessories disk. You can copy everything to hard drive. Nice.

The old spell checkers are fun since they don’t contain any of the tech words from the last 30 years. Example here is geek.

Floppy EMU for Apple IIGS – FloppyEmu

April 25, 2016

Recently installed in my IIGS Rom 03.

Floppy Emu is a floppy and hard disk emulator for classic Apple II, Macintosh, and Lisa computers. It uses an SD memory card and custom hardware to mimic an Apple floppy disk and drive, or an Apple hard drive. The Emu behaves exactly like a real disk drive, requiring no special software or drivers.

“Highly recommended.”

  – Apple2Online

Here are configurations it supports.

TransWarpGS on my IIGS Rom 01        TransWarp MicroDrive Turbo

April 25, 2016

I bought this IIGS on eBay. I noticed some interesting connections on the picture of the back of it. There was no description of what was inside. It had the TransWarpGS and a RamKeeper card.  Best find I ever had. The hardrives depicted on the screen are actually partitions on my MicroDrive Turbo from ReactiveMicro. It’s a CF Card on a circuit card which can be placed in almost any slot. Very fast even without the TransWarpGS.

Apple IIGS with GGLABS RGB TO HD Connector

April 25, 2016

Using RGB2HD adapter from GGLABS on my ROM 3 IIGS. The display is on my Toshiba HDTV Colorstream component input.

Apple II Enthusiasts

April 25, 2016

A great forum on Facebook for everyone using Apple IIs or Apple II clones like Laser or Franklin. Thousands of Apple II hobbyists worldwide exchanging tips and tricks, upgrade ideas and new retro hardware to enhance speed, memory, et cetera. 

iPhone 5s

April 25, 2016

Still using my iPhone 5s. Can’t decide to move to iPhone 6 or iPhone SE.