August 1, 2016

SCSI CD-ROM Drive on IIGS I attached an Apple 300e SCSI CD-ROM player to my IIGS. It is on the TransWarp IIGS.

The CD-ROM is the 2nd and last SCSI device in the chain. The 1st device is the hard drive with the three partitions, GEEK1, GEEK2 and HFS. The CD-ROM is set to SCSI ID #1 and the hard drive is SCSI ID #0. The SCSI card is an Apple SCSI card.

The first CD I tried was a MacAddict CD which mounted fine and I could see the files upon opening the CD. I could even read the text files with the Teach program on the IIGS. But, when I tried audio/music CDs I had no recognition. Audio CDs were and are an uphill climb from everything I’m finding out.

However, the CD-ROM drive recognizes data CDs which are created in ISO9660 format. I created this format CD with the Toast Program on my MacBook. I opened Toast, selected ISO9660 from the bulleted options list and dragged numerous files from the Apple II Collection folder. The files included, txt, jpeg, dsk images, etc.

I inserted the new CD into the Apple 300e and voilá. It recognized everything. I could read the text files, run jpeGS on a jpeg file to convert it to display on screen, and then I copied a dsk to the IIGS hard drive and ran Asimov on it to create an actual floppy. The Asimov program does not see the CD to retrieve images for conversion. It sees all the hard drive partitions including HFS.

Anyway, this is a way to store, and transfer large numbers of dsk images if you don’t use ADTPro with serial connection to your Apple IIGS to your MacBook, or Windows computer, I guess.

Note: I should try GSShrinkIt on one of the SHK images located on the CD to see if GSSHRINKIT recognizes the CD.

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