Newton MessagePad 120 with Keyboard

July 20, 2017

I plugged in the Newton Keyboard. Works nicely. Good feel to it. I added events, notes, and names. But my two calculator apps would not recognize it.


Newton Message Pad 120 Syncing with Mac Performa 

July 16, 2017

I’ve had this Newton Message Pad 120 for a couple years. I pulled it out to see if I could remember, without the manual, how to back it up to the Mac, transfer “packages” to the Newton. I’d made a fair number of calendar, notes, and names additions to the Newton so a backup was prudent.   Link to manual.

I hooked up the serial ADB cable to the modem port on the Mac and the port on the side of the Newton. Then, I started up the Newton and the Newton Connevtions Utility program on the Mac. The Newton will ask you to establish a connection. Mine is serial via the modem port on the Mac. Baud rate is 9600. I remember when that was fast.        Here is the Main screen with the Connection icon in the upper right corner. Tap it and start connection process. You have to start up the Newton Connection Utility program also.      [ I have a few more images to add to illustrate some actions and steps. ]  Link to programs site:

When you tap connection you choose type. Mine is serial. Here is the link to Specs:

Once handshake is complete here’s the screen.   Link to version 2 of the OS:

Once handshake is complete the screen icons on the Mac go from grayed out to black. I always start the process I want from the Mac…Backup or Install, or Export for example.

Below is ChessClock package I transferred.    I have a 4 MB Card and after I transfer the programs I move them the Card. This is done by holding stylus on the program icon until the Newton beeps. Then you select the file folder icon at the bottom of the display and selecting Card. It’s easy to fill up the main internal memory.

I need to clean up behind the computer. Been awhile.