Mean 18 Lochness 10-12 Holes

September 26, 2016

I’m making changes to Lochness to provide more water to house more monsters, and to eliminate many trees. Also setting some par 5 holes to allow to reach in 2 strokes if both shots excellent.

Here are 10,11 and 12.

You’ll note from the slider bar on left I hooked the ball intentionally.


Battle Chess for IIGS 

September 21, 2016

Return of Battle Chess. Funny you have to click on top part of screen to get Dropdown menu.

MicroDrive Turbo

September 10, 2016

I use the MicroDrive Turbo on my IIGS computers. I originally installed it in my Rom 01 IIGS. It greatly reduced bootup time. The 4 partitions that came with the drive give you everything to get started. With the floppy drives I was able to copy or install many programs on the partitions.

If you count the partitions in the next to last picture you’ll see 5. I added a partition with the utilities that came with the device, and I created one of my own with CiderPress. Plus, I downloaded hard drive images from:

and installed those over existing partition images. Once again, with CiderPress. 

This is Alex Lee’s great site.

Keypunch Software for the Apple II

September 5, 2016

Three programs on the original disk which arrived today. Perfect. Paddle, Joystick best but keyboard works too. 

IIGS using VGA Adapter from ManilaGear

September 4, 2016

Bought a IIGS to VGA adapter from Also picked up a Samsung Syncmaster 710N LCD. Only certain model LCDs will work. They have to accept 15 kHz. Here are pictures.

Update: July 2017. Just bought the case for the adapter through reactivemicro. I feel safer now with it enclosed. Too easy to nick an open board.

With the new VGA Adapter from ManilaGear.

I got a little too close with the camera. You don’t see wavy lines with your eyes.

AppleWorksGS.        Really nice.

Pretty nice text screen.
Before picture with composite connector.

Dig Dug 

September 4, 2016