SlingPlayer Pro, Upgrade on MAC, Firmware Too

October 5, 2008

Findings from Upgrading my SlingPlayer Desktop Software on my MacBook and subsequently the Firmware on the SlingPlayer Pro.

I’ve been using my SlingPlayer for about a year now and never upgraded the software or firmware. I originally set it up via Win-XP and things were OK. When I switched to MACs (MacBook) I loaded the SlingPlayer Software and things were pretty much the same. I’ve been hooked to a standard Comcast Analog Cable service with channels 2 through 102 or so. But I could only get channels 2-66 on my SlingPlayer.

Well tonight I decided to try and rescan the channels in the SlingPlayer configuration and ended up with only channels 2-13. YIKES! What was I doing wrong? Found out I needed to 1) download the latest version of the Mac SlingPlayer Desktop software 1.06.244 (I was running a 1.02.xx version). This new version added a new selection on the Channel Scan button in configuration….the ability to scan ANALOG CABLE. Selecting this and scanning got me all channels up through 102 on Comcast. After scanning it then forced me to do part 2) upgrade the firmware.

Things going smoothly so far.

Just goes to show you…check for updates for your peripheral devices too.