WordStar and SpellStar – more CP/M Fun on Apple IIe CPM

May 7, 2017

I’m still intrigued by WordStar and SpellStar. So, I installed my MicroSoft SoftCard CP/M card. (March 28, 2017 post) Here I’m running it on my Apple //e using both drives of my DuoDisk. I did a short post last August when running on my Virtual ][ Emulator. ┬áSo, I created so floppies from downloaded images and used ADTPro from my MacBook Pro to my IIGS. The display is on the NightOwl. Also, some of my comments in the text are before I read a WordStar manual. Sometimes you just need to RTFM.


CP/M Z80 Card Installed in Apple //e CPM

March 29, 2017

Here are some pictures of the CPM card installed, the SoftCard Manuals and CPM V2.23 with WordStar 3.3 running.


Interim boot Screen.
WORDSTAR Directory Screen. Just type WS at the A> to run it.WordStar Menu Screen. D to open a document file or create new one. One of a few menus.Card installed in Slot 4.
Error message when I started cp/m Disk on my IIGS without first moving the card from my lle to my IIGS.