ByteBoosters 8MB Memory Card for IIGS Rom 3

January 26, 2017

Here it is. Great card. Take a look at it’s size in the picture of the IIGS below. Like the size of a credit card. 

GEOCalc on OmniDisk on Virtual ][ Apple IIe Emulator

January 12, 2017

GEOCalc is quite fluid in the Emulator at 2x or 3x speed. It must have been terribly slow at 1 MHz with disk drive access too. It reprints whole screen quite often.

Pretty nice once you understand the functioning.

GEOS as OmniDisk on Virtual ][ Apple IIe Emulator

January 5, 2017

The Virtual ][ with GEOS on OmniDisk. Here’s a link to a great discussion.

Link to hard drive image for Apple II. SEe below for my Setup in Virtual II Emulator.

The second image is the GEOWrite application.

The third image is GEOS Desktop.