ByteBoosters 8MB Memory Card for IIGS Rom 3

January 26, 2017

Here it is. Great card. Take a look at it’s size in the picture of the IIGS below. Like the size of a credit card. 


GEOCalc on OmniDisk on Virtual ][ Apple IIe Emulator

January 12, 2017

GEOCalc is quite fluid in the Emulator at 2x or 3x speed. It must have been terribly slow at 1 MHz with disk drive access too. It reprints whole screen quite often.

Pretty nice once you understand the functioning.

GEOS as OmniDisk on Virtual ][ Apple IIe Emulator

January 5, 2017

The Virtual ][ with GEOS on OmniDisk. Here’s a link to a great discussion.

Link to hard drive image for Apple II. SEe below for my Setup in Virtual II Emulator.

The second image is the GEOWrite application.

The third image is GEOS Desktop.

Apple TV Silver 1st Gen with Firecore’s Kodi Media Center Software

January 1, 2017

I’ve been looking at my old Apple TV Silver 1st gen sitting in the media center cabinet doing nothing for a few years now. So, I decided to check the Firecore site which developers the enhanced install XBMC software that replaces the default Apple software with much greater flexibility and  feature sets. 

Firecore had a new version called Kodi…based the Kodi OS, I guess. 

Anyway, I installed it and it works pretty nicely. Below is some of the particulars of the install effort.

December 31st 2016
New Kodi version for ATV Silver purchased, downloaded to MacBook Pro, opened and installed in applications folder on Dec 22nd.

Runs but could not identify USB flash drives from Kingston or PNY. Fairly large drives of 16GB and 32GB.

Today I found an old Verbatim flash drive of 4 GB. Installer found it immediately and install to my ATV went well.

I connected to my network where I had a 64GB flash drive plugged into my router. 

Through adding devices menu I was able to find the drive and play files.

However, with the movies I wasn’t getting any sound…..I had to switch sound type to HDMI as that’s the cable I connected to the TV. Then the sound OK. It defaults to something I couldn’t understand. I assume it’s component type audio. 

I connected various flash drives with videos to the back of the ATV and they appeared by name on the screen and I was able to play videos without issue.

UPDATE: pictures now working. I don’t know what happened. I flipped through the settings for pictures and I must have touched the right thing. My big problem now is PICTURES. It will NOT display any type of picture…Any0ne have any thoughts???