Battle Chess by MacPlay on my IIsi, Performa 6214CD and Tangerine iBook.

March 24, 2018

I like it on my Apple II’s. So I grabbed a version for my Mac side. Running on my Mac IIsi with VGA to Samsung SyncMaster 710N. My IIsi has a Daystar 50 MHz upgrade in it and maxed out memory so it ran ok, even from a 300CD external drive. The iBook Ran nicely from the CD. It was the really smooth after I copied Battle Chess to the hard drive.

And, here is the Enhanced CD-Rom version running on my Performa 6214CD internal cd drive.

It ran horribly slow from the internal CD drive. 4 minutes plus from clicking on Battle Chess icon to pieces appeared. It also took nearly 20-30 seconds retrieving the battle moves when a piece was taken.

Sargon III and II on Apple IIe

December 8, 2016

Picked up Apple II Sargon III disks today. Very happy they worked. Ran it from my Duodisk on my Apple IIe. The disks are DOS 3.3. One disk is the program disk. The other contains famous matches you can have the program play. See last image below for one set.