AppleWorks 3 and TimeOut Thesaurus

I have AppleWorks 3 on a number of images for Virtual II Emulator. Some 3.5″ (.2mg) and some OmniDisk SCSI ProDOS 32MB (.2mg). I keep adding the TimeOut applications to the mix. By the way, The version of Thesaurus online at is a “.BIN” file. I used CiderPress(Mac Wine version) to create a .2mg image from the .po image since Virtual II does not like 99% of the .po images. [ I have an earlier blog entry on the CiderPress Wine and the link to it ]. I’ll post here but if I forget you can search for it.

Some other AppleWorks 3 and TimeOut Note Pad.

By the way the Notes for Note Pad are stored in a TXT file so you need to select create new word processing file in AppleWorks and then text file to pull into AppleWorks. That is if you want to read them outside of TimeOut Note Pad.

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