MicroDrive Turbo CF Card Rebuild for IIGS

I recently had to rebuild the CF card that was in my MicroDrive Turbo. Here are some of the pictures as I went through creating the partitions with the MicroDrive Setup Utility Backup Disk. You’ll see I added partitions in increments and tested along the way. Like 1 partition, 2 partitions, 4, 8. I did test boots after 2, 4 and 8. Eight was my final. [Note: it’s best to read the wiki at the ReactiveMicro site covering the MDT before and while running setup]

I love the icon that comes with the MicroDrive Turbo Setup Disk.

Below: I added partition 2 but also changed default boot drive to 2.

Just an FYI: I’m running CiderPress in Windows XP using Parallels on my iMac.

Although there is a version of CiderPress that runs within Wine on Macs it will not recognize the CF Card. Tried it.

Note below: make sure you uncheck the box “open read only” or you won’t be able to Load. My card was a 512MB CF. Below noted as 500MB.

Select your partition. Then click Load From File button. Here I replaced partitions VG1 and VG2 with Audio Utilities and Prod Visual. Then select the image.

Note: for some reason MDT will not load images with size 32,769. It will load 32,768.

Further down is a picture of the error message. I work around this by loading in an Emulator and copying individual folders to an image which is 32,768 or smaller.

Since it says you need a partition of 65536, which is one block larger than the MDT Setup Utility Manual says I thought I might try to actually set up an image of this size and see what happens. Soon…

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