MicroDrive Turbo Rebuild – Partitions and CiderPress with “Special” 32MB Drive Images

December 28, 2018

March 17, 2019 NOTE: As of March 17, 2019 The Hard Drive Images on Alex Lee’s site noted below have all been redone with a block size compatible with the MicroDrive Turbo.


This post is about how CiderPress and MicroDrive Turbo treat some 32 MB hard drive images that are found on Alex Lee’s site for the IIGS. Some of the images are larger than others by a block. This is not an issue with CFFA3000 cards or Emulators. But with MicroDrive Turbo cards and CiderPress this led to an issue with loading them onto the partitions as recommended by the microdrive documentation. This post carries on from my post of 5 days ago.


So I experimented by increasing the block size by one as you’ll see in the pictures below and the odd sized or other sized, if you want to call them that, images loaded just fine and work on the MicroDrive without issue so far.

This reports the files in KBytes but illustrates the different sizes.

The series of screens can also serve as a bit of a tutorial on using CiderPress to load images.

Image 1: The 3 Partitions that come standard. All are 65535 as recommended in the manual.

Image 2: Two of the three partitions appear on the desktop. The third does not appear since its image is not loaded, as yet.

Now I add a 4th Partition. A 65356 block partition.

Using the Volume Copier in CiderPress

You’ll see the 3rd and 4th Partitions listed. One at 65535 blocks. My experimental at 65536 blocks.

Loading the Productivity and Graphics image.

Now, loading the other size, block size, image. System Addons.

Here the images appear on the desktop.

Starting MicroDrive Setup from GSOS to add another partition, Load it, and use it.

FloppyEmu with New 16 MHz TransWarpGS v1.1 and CFFA3000

December 23, 2018

Just expanding on my TransWarpGS post from 4 days ago.

Having a little fun. I plugged my FloppyEMU into the IIGS that runs via the new TransWarpGS v1.1 and boots from CFFA3000. Icons on left are the FloppyEMU.

MicroDrive Turbo CF Card Rebuild for IIGS

December 22, 2018

I recently had to rebuild the CF card that was in my MicroDrive Turbo. Here are some of the pictures as I went through creating the partitions with the MicroDrive Setup Utility Backup Disk. You’ll see I added partitions in increments and tested along the way. Like 1 partition, 2 partitions, 4, 8. I did test boots after 2, 4 and 8. Eight was my final. [Note: it’s best to read the wiki at the ReactiveMicro site covering the MDT before and while running setup]

I love the icon that comes with the MicroDrive Turbo Setup Disk.

Below: I added partition 2 but also changed default boot drive to 2.

Just an FYI: I’m running CiderPress in Windows XP using Parallels on my iMac.

Although there is a version of CiderPress that runs within Wine on Macs it will not recognize the CF Card. Tried it.

Note below: make sure you uncheck the box “open read only” or you won’t be able to Load. My card was a 512MB CF. Below noted as 500MB.

Select your partition. Then click Load From File button. Here I replaced partitions VG1 and VG2 with Audio Utilities and Prod Visual. Then select the image.

Note: for some reason MDT will not load images with size 32,769. It will load 32,768.

Further down is a picture of the error message. I work around this by loading in an Emulator and copying individual folders to an image which is 32,768 or smaller.

Since it says you need a partition of 65536, which is one block larger than the MDT Setup Utility Manual says I thought I might try to actually set up an image of this size and see what happens. Soon…

CFFA3000 Drive on IIGS plus Large Volume GSOS Installation Kit

December 19, 2018

I just got around to installing my CFFA3000 Card in my IIGS Rom03 as I also just received my new TransWarpGS from ReactiveMicro (separate blog post). The focus of this post is the Large Volume Installation Kit. You really “Level Up” dramatically with this kit. It’s worth every penny.

The link to the CFFA site:


The link to large volume installation kit which describes it’s contents and features in detail. Below the link is a snapshot of that page.


This kit is worth every cent. With the included CF Card, the USB drive and the USB Cable you’re all set. No hunting around for things.

Once you increase the number of SmartPort Assignments (just a menu change) you’ll see the HFS Drives, and be able to assign the other images. Here are a few pictures of that effort. Most of the images are from Alex Lee’s IIGS site. But a couple are images I made in my Virtual II Emulator.


The Santa Trashcan icon is on the System.Addons image on Alex’s site.

Here is the OMNIDISK image I made in my Virtual II Emulator. You’ll see all the AppleWorks versions. I copied these over to one of the CF card “hard drives”.

Below are pictures from the Kits Setup and Installation Guides.

New TransWarpGS 16 MHz from ReactiveMicro

December 19, 2018

The new 16 MHz TransWarpGS finally arrived in time for Christmas. I pre-ordered it back in May. It is amazingly fast, to say the least. Those games that require lots of graphics (Jack Nicklaus Golf), and publishing (GraphicWriter3) really snap. Also need to mention HyperStudio and HyperCard. Wow. The first picture shows TWGS Reporter details. Note: this IIGS uses the Scart HDMI connector on my Toshiba LCD. i have other blog entries on setting the Scart and Cable.

Here’s the product picture.


Here’s the old cpu before removal.

I used two different length flat head screwdrivers to wedge it out. The long one working from the front of the IIGS and the short one from within the machine. I used the eraser as Lever support with the short screwdriver to help avoid slipping and hitting the motherboard. It worked amazingly well.

Here are the manual photos for plugging in the fan.

Turned it on, ran the self tests. That was it. Referenced the manual from ReactiveMicro wiki site throughout.

Removed the fan temporarily to see the oscillator.

It inserted quite readily.

Diversi-Tune playing.

Here is the setup, including the new CFFA3000 Card and the GGLABS Memory Card.

I discuss the CFFA installation and fun in the next blog entry (coming soon).


2soniq Stereo Card from ManilaGear for Apple IIGS Rom3

December 30, 2017

Great. More info shortly. Purchased from ReactiveMicro. Played Christmas and Classical Diversi-Tune disks and Sound is awesome !!

Purchase site: https://www.reactivemicro.com/product/2soniq-stereo-sound-card-from-manila-gear/

User Manual: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3oJ2sC90wLwbktlVWEwVW9DZk0/view

2soniq card is it slot 4. Nishida DVI Adapter is center under power supply. A2Heaven 8MB IIGS8MRAM Card lower left. BigMessOWires Floppy Emu attached to SmartPort.

Diversi-Tune Disks: http://whatisthe2gs.apple2.org.za/diversi-tune-v1-1/

IIGS Floppy EMU and MicroDrive Turbo Together Apple IIGS

May 25, 2016

Here is the IIGS booting from the Floppy Emu on the smartport with the MicroDrive Turbo also set to be recognized. I set the boot drive to slot 6 to pick up the Floppy Emu. It is GS/OS 6.02 by the way. Here you see the GSOS forced me to rename the HDs on the Floppy Emu since they were already in use on the MicroDrive Turbo CF Card.