Upgraded to OS X 10.8.2 – Had to Make Color Icon Changes Again

September 24, 2012

After the upgrade I had to make the changes again to iTunes and Finder to get the color icons back. The iTunes Icons looked a little chopped off. Apple keeps jamming more in the space.

Mountain Lion – Enable keyboard shortcut for Notification Center

September 17, 2012

One of the first tweaks you are going to want to make to Mountain Lion is to enable the keyboard shortcut for Notification Center. Go into keyboard in the system preferences menu and hit keyboard shortcuts. From here simply tick the Notification Center shortcut box and enter whatever key combination you like. I use option-right arrow since they’re both lower right keys. This way you can now quickly pop open the slide-out notification tray while still typing. Great for glancing at emails.


Mountain Lion – Shortcut to Get ALL Apps out of the Way

September 17, 2012

Press the F11 key (or Fn+F11 on some MacBook keyboards…) this should push all your apps out of the way and show the desktop. To get your apps back in place, just press F11 again! It’s actually a pretty cool look.

43 Amazingly Gorgeous Secret Wallpapers Hidden in OS X Mountain Lion

September 15, 2012


Mountain Lion – Bring Back “Save As” Function

September 14, 2012



Bring Back ‘Save As’ Option

Mountain Lion changed what Command+Shift+S does. It has now been mapped to the new Duplicate function and each time you hit the shortcut, a new copy of your current file is created. The Save As option is still there but you will have to access it from the File menu. To restore the Save As functionality, you will have to visit Keyboard in System Preferences. In the Shortcuts tab, select  Application Shortcuts in the panel on the left, add a new shortcut and name it ‘Save As…’ record Command+Shift+S as the shortcut for it and save. You now have your Save As functionality back with its old shortcut.

Mountain Lion Tips and Tricks Links – 3 Links

September 14, 2012




Color Icons back in iTunes 10 under Mountain Lion

September 14, 2012