IIGS Desktop with TransWarpGS Art

April 22, 2019

I wanted to reflect the TransWarpGS on my Desktop in some way. I’ve created a variety of desktops with TransWarpGS and IIGS pictures. I’ve copied the variations on to a 2mg 800k disk image you can download from my Dropbox site.


FYI: I used the Deskmaker IIGS Desktop Accessory to move my images to the desktop.

These pictures are from my Scart and HDMI Toshiba Monitor 📺. The actual pictures show considerably better than the iPhone pictures below. Maybe I’ll do some screen snapshots from Sweet16 Emulator and Post those too.

My TransWarpGS 16MHz now has wings (April24, 2019) 😀.

Most of my Graphical work was done using Platinum Paint application.

Also, there’s a nice Desktop Accessory called ShowMe that you can use to view many image types without opening a program. You can review the files on the IIGSGREEN Image one after another. It and Deskmaker can both be found on the Systems Add-Ons hdv Image On Alex Lee’s site:


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BeagleWriteGS 3.2 formerly MultiScribeGS for IIGS

March 31, 2019

I started playing with BeagleWriteGS 3.2 and found it very interesting. To start, I opened an AppleWorks 5 file with BWGS. It handled the import flawlessly. The document is 15 pages, so I was expecting some surprises.

One of the first things I tried was the Load Picture feature. I was able to load numerous pictures. I only saved two pictures within the document, as you’ll notice in the first picture. You can resize the pictures. But you can not word wrap.

BeagleWriteGS was created from the former MultiScribeGS.

I do like the Load Picture feature. It handles a number of formats. You can resize the images. However, there is no word wrap.

The Spell Check feature operates just like the other IIGS Word Processors of this ilk. However, there was a bug. Although you can run BeagleWriteGS from the Hard Drive, the Spell Check will not function without the program disk in a 3.5″ Drive.

I copied the files from the Hard Drive to a new 3.5″ disk. Disk is named bwgs.

Once you do this the spell checking runs flawlessly. However, it appears the add word to the User.Dictionary does not work, nor the Edit User Dictionary. I even started the program from the 3.5 and it did not work. If you try to spell check without the 3.5 disk the program will either crash (on making changes) or go into a loop, from which you can not break out. You’ll need to reboot.



The BeagleWriteGS is found on the Hard Drive image.


The last two pictures are from Alex Lee’s website:



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SuperConvert4 for IIGS – Convert Graphics

March 1, 2019

I use GraphicWriter3 for publishing on the Apple IIGS. It allows you to use graphics and control their placement, wrap-around functions very nicely. However, it requires a 640×200 image. Since many (most) of the early Apple ll images are 320×200 you need to convert. Here are some screen shots. Set one is converting PrintShop B&W images. Set two is higher-res llGS pictures from various sources. This first picture is page one of my journal. It’s 19 pages. Helps to have a TransWarpGS to make this move along.

The SuperConvert4 app and GraphicWriter3 app can be found on Alex Lee’s site. Productivity’s and Visually Creative Image.


I’ll be adding more details but wanted to publish this is for now.

Select picture to convert.

Set Two


Apple II – Computer Images imported to PublishIt

August 12, 2018

Just some fun. I scoured many Print Shop, Newsroom, etc Disk Images to find as many graphics as I could. Publish imports both DOS and ProDos images so here’s a pdf at my Dropbox site. The picture below is just page one. If anyone has other images let me know what disk and I’ll try to get it at Asimov or other sites.


Connectors when hooking Apple IIs to LCDs

March 9, 2018

These 90°, 270° adapters came in very handy on the smaller LCDs since the cables connect to the bottom of the LCD.

Scart HDMI Adapter for Apple IIGS w special RGB Cable

February 13, 2018

Just a quick start to this entry. More details later. This is my Toshiba TV. The presentation is very very good and the text display is the best yet.

Scart Device at Amazon


Cable order site in Spain. These are made to order…not a stock item. Took about 2 1/2 weeks from order date to receive it here in the states from Spain. Delighted. Note: if you click on flag in upper right corner you can switch page to English.


CiderPress – Creating Disk Images from BXY Files

December 22, 2017

I downloaded a number of BXY files (filename.bxy) that contained Christmas art for Apple II Programs. In the example below I used PublishIt4 to import the individual pictures.

Anyway, the bxy files contained 24 pictures each but only 8 can fit on a 5.25 disk image. Here is a picture in CiderPress. You can also create a .2mg file containing all 24 files if you want. I created all 24 on a 800k.po file and then converted it to the 2mg. Works perfectly fine in the Virtual II Emulator as long as you configure Virtual II with SCSI drives. See earlier blog post on doing this. I think you can search on OmniDisk.

I used File, Open dropdown to view contents. Then, I selected the pictures I wanted. Next, go to Actions, Convert to disk archive. Following usual CiderPress actions, Name the volume, click OK, and then save file, use same name or different name. This gives you a filename.po image which I loaded to my Virtual IIe Emulator. Below is a snapshot of PublishIt4 printout of some of the pictures.

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