AppleWin Emulator w 32MB ProDOS Image

December 24, 2016

Sea Dragon for Apple II W/CHEATS

December 21, 2016

Tough game, even with a joystick. I asked about cheats. I’m going to try them.

I never did get theses cheats to actually work. I tried 3 different versions of Sea Dragon (different cracks) and none restarted the game from the monitor * prompt. I’m attaching the 3 version startup screens…note cracker names.

The control-J does get you 9999 units of air instead of the default 6000.

Virtual ][ Apple IIe Emulator

December 18, 2016

Virtual ][ Standard Screen with Text based program

Configuration Screen

I bought the full version after using it about a year.

Detailed Configuration

Print outs can be saved as a PDF.

Disk Options – You can create blank disks

Nice screen capture as you can see by the pictures. Also makes movie files.

AppleWin Emulator of Apple IIe for Windows

December 15, 2016

Here I’m running the AppleWin Emulator in Windows with Parallels on my MacBook Pro.

Apple 3.5″ Drive for IIGS

December 15, 2016

A drive I picked up. It actually works. Now a lot of external and maybe some internal cleaning is in order.

If you look closely there’s a PublishIt Symbols and Slogans disk inside it. The disk read fine. I was able to catalog and import images to PublishIt 4.

Pure Stat Baseball for Apple II

December 10, 2016

Apple ll DOS based game. Select from different historical teams and stadiums. It has a self play mode which is fun to watch. If you have Apple disks for this please drop me a note. Only a couple exist on the standard archive sites.

Dodger Stadium

GS8MBRAM/ROM from a2Heaven for IIGS

December 8, 2016

I bought the GS8RAMROM from It comes with ProDOS 2.4.1 in ROM and boots incredibly fast to it. The whole thing is new technology that runs with very little power drain and really fast ram chip.  Because it has a battery backup (CR2032) for the 8 meg ram I thought it would back up what was in RAM or on the RAM disk when the  computer was powered down.  —- My goal was to create a bootable GSOS 6.0.1 ROM/RAM disk.  However, the creator has not written the firmware yet to accomplish this. He says he is about 70% done. [ Note: as of Dec 21, 2017 there is no firmware upgrade; so use as a Solid State Ram Drive ]
Also, the IIGS Rom3 unit has a bug in it that does not allow you to  boot from RAM. When the author writes the firmware he will create the work around to correct this situation. I had been running my RamKeeper from Applied Engineering with a 6 meg GSRamPlus card to allow me to boot GSOS from Rom Disk. It works very well but I have no battery backup for it.

12Programs on the card.



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