Chess by Interplay – Vintage Mac

June 14, 2018

I like chess games but I’ve never seen level selections like this before. I really like it. WINNER !


Battle Chess by MacPlay on my IIsi, Performa 6214CD and Tangerine iBook.

March 24, 2018

I like it on my Apple II’s. So I grabbed a version for my Mac side. Running on my Mac IIsi with VGA to Samsung SyncMaster 710N. My IIsi has a Daystar 50 MHz upgrade in it and maxed out memory so it ran ok, even from a 300CD external drive. The iBook Ran nicely from the CD. It was the really smooth after I copied Battle Chess to the hard drive.

And, here is the Enhanced CD-Rom version running on my Performa 6214CD internal cd drive.

It ran horribly slow from the internal CD drive. 4 minutes plus from clicking on Battle Chess icon to pieces appeared. It also took nearly 20-30 seconds retrieving the battle moves when a piece was taken.

SheepShaver Emulator- MacOS 9 on MacBook Pro

September 28, 2017

SheepShaver – The following link is to a fully operational preconfigured OS9 version that runs on Intel Macs. This version is complete, ready to run. The rom and all the hard drives on the screen are included. The instructions are pretty easy. I’ve posted some screen snaps below to illustrate some Setup pieces.

This blog has this great write up on how to modify defaults.

Here is the Mac OS 9 desktop

The picture below is CalrisWorks 4 with the text I imported from a text file I saved from AppleWorks [ you actually have to print the AppleWorks file to text, there is no save as text option ] on my Virtual IIe Emulator. The first paragraph tells you how I did it. The beginning text is all related to Beagle Brothers SuperFonts in AppleWorks.

Other pages:

Below is a conversation on the FaceBook forum after an issue with it when I upgraded to Sierra on my MacBook Pro.

SheepShaver Emulator: I just upgraded my MacBook Pro to Sierra and SheepShaver boots to OS9 just fine but as soon as I click in the window it crashes. Any thoughts?

Publish It Easy v2.1.9 on Macintosh PowerBook 165c

September 1, 2017

In addition to my Apple II Collection, which comprises nearly all my posts, I have a few PowerBooks and iBooks. Here is my PowerBook 165c running Publish It Easy. It’s made by Timeworks who produced the PublishIt series for the Apple II. The PowerBook version is much more powerful, which you’d expect. The Spell Checker is super fast.

Here’s a link to download it.

Standard two column mode with text wrapping around some imported graphics.

Selected 4 column mode; imported ms-word file; adjusted font type and size. Basic stuff.

Overlaying picture, actually a screen snapshot. Different fonts.

Spell Checking.

Graphic overlay. Automatic word wrap.


iBooks   Vintage Macintosh G3’s

April 11, 2017

Here is my iBook collection with various OS’s. Can be very handy for moving files between different vintages of Apple stuff. Plus, just playing games. They’re hard drives are “wonderfully” noisy. 


Covers for USB drive

pfs:Write Spell Check Apple II

February 5, 2017

Here is the spell checker in action. Some successes, some whatttt?

The video is the correct word replacement effect. It’s pretty neat.

Now, some screenshots of some winners and losers of spell check.


Close, but not intuitive, like today.


Macintosh Quadra 660AV

July 12, 2016

My Quadra 660AV would turn on, chime, but no video. Tested everything. Then I remembered older Macs may not work if PRAM BATTERY dead. Checked . New battery. Works like new.Floppy Drive note: since I hadn’t used it in a while the floppy had decided not to accept disks. After removing cover, I noticed the control lever wasn’t coming out all the way upon disk insertion. So, some silicon spray on the lever mechanics, and things started to work. While I had it removed I did some cleaning with Q-tips and isopropyl alcohol. So much dust.