pfs:Write Spell Check Apple II

February 5, 2017

Here is the spell checker in action. Some successes, some whatttt?

The video is the correct word replacement effect. It’s pretty neat.

Now, some screenshots of some winners and losers of spell check.


Close, but not intuitive, like today.


Macintosh Quadra 660AV

July 12, 2016

My Quadra 660AV would turn on, chime, but no video. Tested everything. Then I remembered older Macs may not work if PRAM BATTERY dead. Checked . New battery. Works like new.Floppy Drive note: since I hadn’t used it in a while the floppy had decided not to accept disks. After removing cover, I noticed the control lever wasn’t coming out all the way upon disk insertion. So, some silicon spray on the lever mechanics, and things started to work. While I had it removed I did some cleaning with Q-tips and isopropyl alcohol. So much dust.