iPod Touch – Screen Captures

July 31, 2008

Yes. Heard this on Adam Christianson’s MacCast. If you hold the center button down and then click the power button at the top of your iPod Touch it will capture what is on the screen and save it to your saved photos folder on the iPod/iPhone. Very handy since there is no cut and paste.

iPod Touch Screen Capture

iPod Touch Screen Capture

Games for iPod Touch

July 28, 2008

Labyrinth and Cube Runner are two nice free games for the Touch. Both operate smoothly in graphics and accelerometer turning and twisting. Enjoy.

Cro-Mag Race Game iPod Touch

July 22, 2008

Tried this new racing game with my Apple Video cable from my iPod to my HDTV…no go. Image will not be displayed, only the audio….darn!!! Regular videos still display nicely under version 2.0 of the iPod Touch Software though.

Video Podcasts and iPod Touch Version 2 Software

July 18, 2008

Just discovered when you select a Video Podcast from your Playlists on the iPod you actually see the Video too. No more having to go to the Video button to play them. Nice subtle improvement with version 2.

iPod Touch and Software Version 2.0

July 16, 2008

I updated my iPod Touch to Version 2 of the Software this past Saturday and love it. Can’t live without it now. Who would have thought!!!!. i backed up my whole MacBook first of course (Carbon Copy Cloner is what I use). Since I waited till Saturday I didn’t run into any real issues with connectivity. I connected the iPod and everything sprung to life. The menus with what to do were much more straight forward than in the past when I upgraded to the 1.14 software. Remember, that group of apps that cost $19.99. The $9.95 for this move is well worth it. The latest feature I’ve tried was saving an image from the Safari Web Browser and then when the iPod syncs to the computer it uploads it to iPhoto. It does ask you if you’d like to import it. Just doesn’t slam it into your iPhoto library. Funniest thing though is it displays a picture of a camera as the device from which your importing….not a picture of the iPod Touch. Somebody missed an opportunity there. 

I’ve downloaded a number of APPS from the iTunes store. Free APPS like Remote, which lets you control your iTune library on your Computer from your iPod. Paid for one game…Cro-Mag…a great racing game. Very addictive and the accelerometer works very smoothly. Took no time at all to get used to the controls. AIM from AOL is good…gives you the basics, and Twitterific and AOL Radio certainly do the job for FREE.

More to Come.

VintageGeek Chris