iOS 7.1 and My iPad – seems good

March 12, 2014

Just upgraded my iPad 4th gen to iOS 7.1. The new appearance changes to reduce the white glare and darken letters, icons and create touch buttons where only a light blue symbol appeared before are great.


SlingPlayer Audio Only Mode

March 10, 2014

Did you know the Slingplayer App for the iPhone and iPad has an AUDIO only mode in addition to High Quality and Standard Quality. Really nice to save MBs on your cellular data plan.

Mac OS and iOS

March 9, 2014

I keep getting smudges on my MacBook laptop screen since iPad and iPhone have screwed with my muscle memory. Anyone else?

My Favorite iPhone iPad APPS

March 9, 2014

Besides Facebook, Twitter, etc here are some of my favorite apps.
1. Xfinity TV Remote allows me to control my cable boxes, set recordings, delete recordings, change channels, etc. you don’t have to be on your local router network. I make changes from my office frequently.
2. Slingplayer allows me to watch my live TV from anywhere in the world. I’ve watched from Italy, the Caribbean, etc. of course you need a Slingbox on your home network.
3. CineXplayer allows superior control over your videos. More formats are supported, you can create your own folders, like TV Seasons, etc. you download the app to your iPad, go to Apps when your iPad is connected to your computer, scroll down to Apps box where you can make settings changes, and add the movies.
4. VLC is much like the player above. I use it for additional formats. If you have an external hard drive connected to your router (I recently did this) you can play movies via VLC or download them and store on your iPad or iPhone.
Note: the reason I have these two video apps is because iTunes has become completely unreliable when managing videos…somewhere within the new version they completely hosed up the classification and indexing, plus their title areas are to short to be practical.
5. Netflix is super handy. But it’s streaming viewing and streaming management only. There is no capability to manage your DVD queue.

iPhone 5s iOS upgrade to 7.0.6 Lockup

March 9, 2014

Upon upgrading my iphone 5s from 7.0.4 to 7.0.6 it seemed to complete but was locked in a totally black screen. Apple forums recommended restore to factory settings and then restore from backup. From looking at the forum more than a few people had this problem. So I …
1) plugged my iphone into my Mac, it was recognized
2) restored to factory settings…during all this it downloaded updated iOS software
3) restored from backup…required I verify at iTunes Store with my Apple ID.
4) once that completed I synced things up with some changes to verify ok.

All the contacts, photos, etc came back fine.