Slingplayer iPad vs SlingPlayer iPhone-iPod Touch

November 29, 2010

I do like the SlingPlayer for the iPad very much as long as you’re on your home network. But I find usingĀ  the old Slingplayer for the iPhone/iPod Touch on the iPad more usable when trying to use AT&T 3G networks.


Xfinity App for iPad

November 27, 2010

For a first version this is a nice app. In my metro Philly area I am able to use it very effectively to change channels and set recordings without issue. The filter for sports and movies comes in handy. They need to add a quick jump entry so you don’t have to scroll down to get thru the 800 channels. Can’t wait till I can watch the shows on my iPad.

Slingplayer for iPad – Slingbox Solo – slinglink

November 27, 2010

Just installed Slingplayer for my iPad. I use Slinglinks to connect through the power lines from router to Slingbox cause of distance. Found out SlingLinks can be effected by the wall plug they’re plugged into. As soon as I move the SlingLink and Router to another plug things worked great.