Brother SuperNoteBook Graphic – Runs GEOS 

April 21, 2017

I bought this because it runs GEOS and was curious on the implementation. It runs GEOS over MS-DOS. It runs quite smoothly. It came with all the manuals, disks, etc. I ordered a battery for it. Shipping from Asia as far as I can make out. Keeping fingers crossed. It’s very quiet.  Keyboard feel is terrific. You’ll see Apple GEOS entries throughout this blog; geoPublish, geoWrite, geoCalc and more.


MouseDesk 2.0 for Apple II

April 12, 2017

This version, downloaded from Apple Users Group Sydney is surprisingly good. Here it is running in my Virtual II Emulator. I even ran a basic program by double clicking on the icon and after I quit it and received the basic prompt ] I typed “bye” and it took me back to the GUI interface. You can see one of the disk images is 32mb. I was pleased you could drive down through the folders without issue. [ April 13, 2017: added a short video of booting ] [April 14, 2014 Added some pics of it running on my Laser128EX] [April 30, 2017 You’ll see I run it on Speed setting #2 in Virtual II. When set on #3 the mouse double-clicked open folder is not recognized. ]

Play the video to see the boot process.

Using drag and drop to copy AppleWorks 3 folder from one Drive to another.

Created a physical 3.5″ disk using ADTPro from my MacBook to IIGS. Then booted on Laser128EX.

Mouse Desk makes itself RAM resident so almost all the functions can be
completed if you remove the MouseDesk disk.

I was able to copy a AppleWorks 3 folder from one hard drive image to another with
the folder containing 100 files. I was also able to format another 3.5 disk in the
same slot where I removed the MouseDesk disk.

I did latter on a Laser128EX after I made a physical 3.5″ disk of the MouseDesk 2
image. I ended up making a couple back ups of the disk.

MouseDesk 2 was even smart enough to get you back to the booting image after
you quit a program. I double clicked on a basic program to run it and when I quit it,
arriving back at a basic prompt [ I typed “bye”. It returned me right back to

iBooks   Vintage Macintosh G3’s

April 11, 2017

Here is my iBook collection with various OS’s. Can be very handy for moving files between different vintages of Apple stuff. Plus, just playing games. They’re hard drives are “wonderfully” noisy. 


Covers for USB drive

Command Precision Joystick – Apple II

April 8, 2017

Picked up this Command Precision Joystick via eBay. Has a 16 pin plug connector. I already had a RetroConnector Adapter that I use with my Kraft 9 pin D connector and Virtual II Emulator. The Command Precision Joystick works very well playing SeaDragon, both x and y axis and fire buttons too.

I added this picture so people would see orientation of pins cable on Apple II.

pfs:Plan on Apple II

April 2, 2017

A little playing with pfs:Plan.