AppleWorks 5 – AW.Inits, TimeOut plus Beagle Brothers TimeOut Applications

July 22, 2019

AppleWorks 5, from Quality Computers, comes with a good number of AW.Inits, and TimeOut Applications. The subject came up (thanks Alex Lee) regarding how many of above were on the AW5 Program Disk and Install Disk versus what I have displayed in my blog video. So here are some pics of standard items versus what I have installed from other Beagle Brothers disks. Plus a link to download AW5 and TimeOut Applications.

Here is a catalog of AW5 Install Disk. You see Macros and UltraMacros.

Next. Here is the catalog of the Macros folder.

Here is the catalog of the UltraMacros folder.


Here are the standard TimeOut Applications on the AW5 Program Disk.

Next – Here is the standard list of AW.Inits on the AW5 Program Disk.

Next: here is the catalog of the AW.Inits I have installed. I doubt it varies much from default.

Next: this is the folder listing of all the TimeOut Applications I’ve installed.

One note: the TO.Calendar app does not pop-up the Yearly Display of all 12 months. To get the 12 month picture you need to pull up the TO.CAL.INDEX.

Second note: once you get to AW4 and AW5 you may see incompatibilities with earlier versions of TimeOut Applications…e.g. DeskTools. You just need to be aware. There are almost always later versions that will work.

I’ll try to add links to my blog entries illustrating the fancier TimeOut Applications like SuperFonts, PickFont, Paint, AfterWork, etc.


FloppyEmu Model – C for Apple II’s and Case Install

July 20, 2019

[revised July 20, 2019 with pictures of acrylic case assembling] Received my new FloppyEmu Model – C from and plugged it into my IIGSs. I’ve been using the Model – B for a couple years now. I’ve posted a number of blog entries on the Model – B during that time. Have a look if interested in my experiences. The features are describedthe following link.

The Model – C has a much larger screen and also supports WOZ files. Here are a few pictures.

The Model-C arrived with Firmware 0.2f, 21.

Everything ran great. But, to use WOZ files I needed to upgrade the Firmware to 0.2G, 23.

Upgrading the Firmware was very straightforward. I downloaded the file, read and followed the instructions and completed in about 5 minutes total.

Now, WOZ is good.

Here are a couple screen shots WOZ images running on my IIGS. I connect the FloppyEmu to the SmartPort and in the IIGS Control Panel I Set the boot slot to 6.

The following is a picture of the Error Message before I upgraded The Firmware. It didn’t recognize WOZ file type.

Lastly is a picture of the 32MB image available when the FloppyEmu is set to SmartPort vs, 5.25, 3.5 or UniDisk 3.5.

An 800k 3.5 Image.

July 20, 2019 Finally got around to putting the acrylic case together.

Case together for fit. Now use the scotch tape to hold the sides together while installing. Note, to hold the push buttons in place you stick them in their holes and tape them from case top. Then, you put the whole top unit on as one piece. Screw the corners, then remove tape.

Case in process.

Case together hooked to my TransWarpGS 16MHz IIGS.

AppleWin v1.2.9.0 Apple II Emulator on Windows Computer

July 17, 2019

I run AppleWin in WindowsXP under Parallels on my iMac. This version v1.2.9.0 brings support for WOZ Images. I put screenshots of the AppleWin Configuration screens at the end.

This separate image ( not part of AppleWin) has lots of games on it.

Frogger is terrific.

AppleWin Configuration Screens: Click the Joystick/Sound Icon.

Below are the disk assignments.

The End.

IIGS 4 MB Ram Card from Garrett’s Workshop

July 16, 2019

This is a new 4MB memory card for my IIGS Rom03. The IIGS has no accelerator but does have a MicroDrive Turbo. Garrett’s Workshop only sells on eBay. The card was only $35. It replaced an old Ram4000 card ( no issues with it ). But obviously it will draw less power. Here’s a link to an AppleFritter page with upcoming Garrett’s Workshop items.

I exercised the IIGS and memory with AppleWorksGS and GraphicWriter3, plus a few regular games from my FloppyEmu-C. This IIGS also has a Nishida DVI Adapter.

Here are the first pictures.


HP2025 Monitor with Nishida DVI Adapter.

MicroDrive Turbo with GW 4 mb card.

With the MicroDrive Turbo. I ran AppleWorksGS and GraphicWriter3.

Below is the Ram 4000 from Chinook Technology I was using prior to Garrett’s Ram.

Did a little printing too.

The FloppyEmu C.

The End

Disk Drive II – Noisy Disk by Big Mess O’Wires

July 1, 2019

If you miss the iconic sounds of mechanical click-clacking from original Apple II floppy drives here you go. Does the familiar rattling of a boot floppy bring a smile to your face? The Noisy Disk board attaches inline with your existing Floppy Emu cable, using the provided 6-inch extension cable. Noisy Disk is compatible with Apple II family computers while using Floppy Emu in 5.25 inch emulation mode.

Their link contains full detailed description with audio and video.

Apple TV Silver 1st Gen with Firecore’s Kodi Media Center Software – now Multiple USB Flash Drives

June 23, 2019

Update June 23, 2019

I was wondering if I could connect multiple USB flash drives so I’d have more movie, tv, video and picture storage. You can. I bought a 5 Port USB connector from amazon. So far 3 USBs working fine. Here are the pictures and link. ATVFlash link

Three USBs.

Apple TV 1st Gen.


Update: July 22, 2018

Here’s the Kodi Media Center wiki on how to control the AppleTV v1 with Apple Remotes.

I kept forgetting how to bring up the DVR type control Playback menu. It’s hold down the play/pause button until menu pops up.

I made a PDF of it:

With the cost of flash drives decreasing I now have a SanDisk 256 GB USB connected. Holds plenty of videos.

Original Post: December 31, 2016

I’ve been looking at my old Apple TV Silver 1st gen sitting in the media center cabinet doing nothing for a few years now. So, I decided to check the Firecore site which developers the enhanced install XBMC software that replaces the default Apple software with much greater flexibility and  feature sets.

Firecore had a new version called Kodi…based the Kodi OS, I guess.

Anyway, I installed it and it works pretty nicely. Below is some of the particulars of the install effort.

December 31st 2016
New Kodi version for ATV Silver purchased, downloaded to MacBook Pro, opened and installed in applications folder on Dec 22nd.

Runs but could not identify USB flash drives from Kingston or PNY. Fairly large drives of 16GB and 32GB.

Today I found an old Verbatim flash drive of 4 GB. Installer found it immediately and install to my ATV went well.

I connected to my network where I had a 64GB flash drive plugged into my router.

Through adding devices menu I was able to find the drive and play files.

However, with the movies I wasn’t getting any sound…..I had to switch sound type to HDMI as that’s the cable I connected to the TV. Then the sound OK. It defaults to something I couldn’t understand. I assume it’s component type audio.

I connected various flash drives with videos to the back of the ATV and they appeared by name on the screen and I was able to play videos without issue.

UPDATE: pictures now working. I don’t know what happened. I flipped through the settings for pictures and I must have touched the right thing. My big problem now is PICTURES. It will NOT display any type of picture…Any0ne have any thoughts???

Land of Confusion BBS – IIGS – WiModem232 – ProTerm – Games

May 5, 2019

A new Apple II BBS with numerous games. This BBS I access via IIGS ProTerm and WiModem232, as well as a few other BBSs.


ProTerm Settings


Game Menu

Tetris type game.



Played Hangman too.

Rather fun negotiating the scrolling courses.

My WiModem232/OLED.