HomeWord Word Processor for Apple II

August 24, 2021

I’ve been playing with this lesser know word processor for the Apple II. It has the unique menu interface by using graphics for the menu selections. File retrieve, save, print, etc. I’ve included the link to download the three images (dsks) to run it. Here are a few pictures of it running in Virtual ll.

Short Video of Printer Select and Print to Display

Here’s the link:


I am using version 3.0.

The disk images I checked are the ones I’m using. The disk 2 is the spellchecker.

Quicken for Apple IIgs 1987 and IIe

June 11, 2021

I forgot how simple and straight forward Quicken was back then. I used it to track and print checks for years. Lining up the perforated paper checks was a challenge. IIGS is first. IIe is at the end.


You can download the here.


Counting down the set up of your Quicken account.



More photos.




Note: Pet Centers becomes the most recent entry at the top, and with no check number.


Below: Running on my IIe.

Laser 128 with 3.5 Drive Geo Mouse

June 5, 2021

Booting my Laser128 from 3.5” Drive. Running the Apple ll Desktop with the GeoMouse.

This 3.5 Drive has no model number so can’t reference anything on its capabilities. It runs well on the Laser128 but certainly was crisper on the Laser128EX.

Quark Catalyst 3.0 for Apple IIc or IIe – GUI

May 29, 2021

Here are some pictures of Quark Catalyst running on my lle and Laser123.


I’ve been comparing Quark Catalyst to the Apple2Desktop, MouseDesk, vs Quark Catalyst on my Laser 128 and Apple2Desktop wins. However when I installed Catalyst on my Apple 2c in the 80’s on my ProAPP hard drive I thought it was the cat’s meow.

The most current version of the Apple2Desktop aka MouseDesk is greatly enhanced and as of 2021 has some great add ons . I have other blog entries illustrating it and the links to get it.

Here is a gallery of pictures I took today of Catalyst and other Applications running in the Virtual ll emulator on my MacBook Pro. You’ll see some notes I typed up in AppleWorks 3. Some Shortcomings of Catalyst. Doesn’t recognize folders, doesn’t place new disks on desktop automatically, you need to reboot. One great thing is it never crashed, no matter how many times I went through applications starts and closes .

It’s manual can be found here:


Netflix Hogging Bandwidth – Fix

March 22, 2021

If you have issues surfing the net from your devices at home when your watching Netflix via an AppleTV, FireTV or Cable Box it’s mostly likely because Netflix defaults to Auto. Thus, Netflix is grabbing everything it can and storing it on your device.
In my case I have an AppleTV version 3.

So, I went hunting. In the following pictures you’ll see how I modified the speed. It worked. FYI you make the actual change at the Profile ID level.

It this case I changed Chris to Medium, and left the four other profiles (family embers) on Auto.
1st picture is where I found the info.
You need to login to Netflix via a Browser then go to Your Account and then the Profile(chris) you want to change. Then playback settings.
Follow the arrows on the next 3 pictures to make the change. Note: you still get the same 1080p resolution on your TV. It just doesn’t suck the tv show or movie data down to your device at warp speed.

Support Web Page
Select Medium
Still 1080p

IIGS Keyboard Boot, Reset, Test Combinations

February 15, 2021

Here’s a chart of the keyboard key combinations to perform special boot or reset or test functions.

LaCie FM Radio Tuner For System 7.0 to OS9 Macintosh w/ ADB Port

January 3, 2021

This is an nifty Radio Receiver I use with my IIsi. Running the sound out of LaCie headphone jack to my Apple External Speakers. As I’m drafting this there is one of these available on Amazon.

My IIsi connected to 22 inch HP 2025 LCD.
Basic Kit

Here is link to software.


ADB Pass through to the keyboard.
Playing through my IIsi and Apple External Speakers.
Hookup. It’s on top of my IIGS which is on top of my IIsi.
Full Kit
Display on old CRT monitor.
My external speakers.

Gemini Assistive Technology iBook – TouchScreen Clamshell

December 23, 2020

Bought this a few years ago. Below is the company’s writeup from the web archive.

Gemini is our new state-of-the-art Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) device and full-featured computer that helps people with learning, communication, or computer access difficulties lead more independent and productive lives.

You can run your favorite communication or educational software and surf the Internet all from one device! Geminisupports a wide variety of access methods, allowing most people to readily use this device.

Gemini is a universally accessible computer-suited to a range of input methods; touchscreen, switch input, on-screen keyboard, external keyboard and mouse, joystick, headmouse, or other alternative pointer.

Gemini’s power and flexibility allow users to be more productive, have fun, and use it on the go. The Gemini is powered by a PowerPC G3 processor that runs at 300 megahertz. With160 megabytes of built-in memory and a 3-gigabyte hard disk drive, Gemini is the most powerful communication device on the market today.

My iBook.
Setting Date and Time.

The link to the full company writeup.


A lot going on inside.
Audio Ports

A video of a 10.4 version. https://youtu.be/qu7IaI0dmWg

The User Guide – I wish I had one.
Installing Carmen

Mean18 Golf for IIGS – 4 New Courses

December 12, 2020

Here are four new Mean18 courses I developed this year. Stone Mountain, Critters Run, Fraser Ridge, and the DinoGolf 2020 which I posted earlier this year.


It is a 2mg image, a 3.5 800k disk, with all four courses suitable for playing on a real IIGS or Sweet16 emulator.

Stone Mountain is a very playable fun course, quite birdieable holes.

Critters Run has trees overhanging the fairways so you havde to consider your options of under or around. More than a little choke up 2 iron play.

Fraser Ridge is Mountainous with all types of trees.

DinoGolf 2020 is an update of DinoGolf 2019. Watch those dinosaurs. I actually posted this earlier this year.

The program and other courses can be found here.

One of my favorite holes. This picture shows the shots I’ve made. ( orange lines).

Number 10.
So far so good.


HitchHiker 120 Portable SCSI Drive – Vintage Macs

December 9, 2020

This is an amazing little portable SCSI Drive for Vintage Macs. I bought this a few years ago because I’d not seen any. And I’ve not seen another HitchHiker Drive since.

You can chain other external SCSI Drives behind it.
This side plugs into the back of my Performa.

To use with an old PowerBook you need an external power supply. But the Performa supplies enough to use it without the external power supply.

Attached to the SCSI Port.
This is what it looks like on a PowerBook with power supply attached. This is the only picture on the Internet I could find other than my own.
Specs from an internal document picture on the drive itself. I can not find any documentation on the Internet.
Currently the Performa is booting from the HitchHiker. The OS is 7.5.3. you can see the internal Macintosh Drive is on the Desktop too.
System Software 7.5.3. Note I’ve also attached a SCSI Drive called FatBoy to it. FatBoy is a nice big 1 GB drive.
The Calendar Application running from an Alias on the Desktop to the FatBoy SCSI. Note, 7.5.3 did not like the year 2020.
Playing an old Missile Command.

Note: since it booted to 7.5.3 most of the more significant apps will not run given the Performa is 8.5.1.

This is a picture from a couple years ago when I could boot to the internal drive running 8.5.1 and the HitchHiker would appear on the desktop also. I have not been able to repeat that again…yet. Scroll down to see it working today. Haha.

HitchHiker Folders visible when booting to 8.5.1.
I’m assuming these are for SCSI ID setting.

Above is another photo found on Internet. A 160 version.

Finally got it to boot into 8.5.1 with HitchHiker on Desktop.

The 8.5.1 Desktop with main SCSI drive, the external SCSI drive, the Hitchhiker Drive, the internal CD-Rom drive with MacAddict 66 and a Floppy drive.