DinoDogs Dino2023 Mean18 Golf

March 10, 2023

Here are two new Dinosaur Golf Courses for 2023. The DinoDogs is lots of fun. All kinds of crazy dog legs to figure out.

DinoDogs No 1


This link should to the shared folder to download Dogs2023. Both courses in one file.

Some of the Dog Legs.

Time-Trax Calendar Seiko Watch Interface

February 19, 2023

This is a second entry. First blog entry January 2018. Five years. Yikes.

This is a calendar program that uploads data to your watch. I wish I had the watch and interface. Just have to use my iPhone and Apple Watch.

The link below on Applefritter has some nice info. The program author made a few entries.


Apple II Desktop v1.3 now Alpha 4 – March 2nd update

January 6, 2023

Latest version is alpha 4.


Here is the January 2023 version from GitHub. I’m running it in Virtual ll Emulator on my MacBook. The screen shots below are just a variety illustrating the configurations I played with and some of the features. I ran AppleWorks 5.0 from a OmniDisk under the Desktop with no issues. There are a few shots of the TimeOut Apps within AW5.

Here is the Alpha 4 Version. Lots of nice additions.


Running Wheel of Fortune from slot 6 drives. Nice feature of AppleDesktop is you can select to boot from slot 6 from main menu Dropdown.
Title Page

Added Quick Launch items. Running AppleWorks 5 here.

Original Dinosaur Golf for Mean18 on IIGS

July 26, 2022

This is the original version of Dinosaur Golf from which my versions are derived [ DinoGolf2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 ]. Many of the holes in the original are overcrowded with growth and you can not see the pin. But there are some very nice hole designs. Like number 9, where you can’t just whack the driver. You have to select the right club or end up in the water. And no.4 hole par 5 which can be reached in two if you do it just right. See pics below. I’ve posted the link to the disk image below. Also the link to the disk image of all 5 DinoGolf versions. The original course disk is renamed Dino1989. The back nine is a real bear, especially 12, 13, 14. I still can’t break par after 5 years.

August 11th 2022 – Took years to break par. Really need to calculate your efforts.
Overview #1


Tee #1
Approach #1

The back nine is a real bear, especially 12, 13, 14. I still can’t break par after 5 years.

Mean18 2 New Courses Tornado and Pithy Par 4s

July 23, 2022

Here are my mid 2022 Mean18 Course releases. There are 2 new courses. Tornado, the name pretty much tells you the challenge. And Pithy Par 4s. Pithy is super fun as you can drive nearly all the par 4 holes and reach the par 5s in 2 shots. The courses are on a single 800k 2mg disk image. I build my courses on a IIGS running everything from a FloppyEmu. After testing there I test in the Sweet16 IIGS emulator.

Enjoy. Leave me any comments.


If you would like some additional homemade courses go to this link below at macgui.com. These courses are made by many people. Mine are not included in the set. You can find the rest of mine by searching on Mean18 on this site.


The Game Show for Apple II

July 23, 2022

Fun little Q and A Game Show program. running it from my DuoDisk on Apple IIe which also has a FastChip and MacEffects Mouse Card and a couple other A2Heaven cards. The virtual disk images are at the link below.


Better Working Word Processor for Apple II

April 17, 2022

A very nice early Word Processor.

The SPELL CHECKER on the disk image is for 40 cloumn mode only.
I works nicely. But isn ́t that strange. Haven’t found one that is
80 column mode.
It ́s actually called Spell 40.


Boot Screen


40 Column Mode
Print Out from the Virtual II Emulator

One-Armed-Battle (Bandit) for Apple IIGS

April 9, 2022

Fun Game.


Play others and or the IIGS.

DinoGolf 2022 and 2021 for Mean18 Golf IIGS

February 25, 2022

Here is this years DinoGolf 2022 course. The course has been updated throughout and a new terror has been added. In addition to the terrors on the ground there is now a pterodactyl in the air. You may need to hook or slice around it. Or, if you like, select a less lofted club and go underneath. The link to this new 2022 course is below. There is also a link to all the 2021 courses at the end.


Here are some pictures of DinoGolf 2021. The link to it and the other 2021 courses is below.


Apple II Desktop 2022 v1.2-Alpha38 and 41

February 9, 2022

The Apple II Desktop is still being enhanced. Here’s the 2022 and the late 2021 version running in Virtual ll on my MacBook. Latest version. Link to it is below.



The Desktop