SoftDiskGS 64

May 6, 2017

I acquired some thirty plus original SoftDiskGS 3.5″ disks. On Disk 64 was this calendar template for AppleWorksGS. It worked nicely but took forever to load, even on my TransWarpGS. However, once loaded it would recalculate quickly for the month and year you enter. These are the two variable entries at the top of the page. Here are some pictures and printout from my LaserWriter II. It took 10-15 minutes to print one month.

I use the IIGS VGA adapter on my Rom01 IIGS. 


Mean 18 Golf IIGS

October 31, 2016

Had a Hole-In-One today.

It was on a blind hole to the green. I’ll post an overview of hole. You have to hook your drive around some trees. 

Internal Fan for Apple IIGS

August 11, 2016

Added a fan inside the IIGS with the TransWarp card, SCSI Card and 6 meg GS-RAM.

Fan and battery holder installed with double sided tape…with a little extra on top for good measure.

TransWarp Card in my Apple IIe

May 8, 2016

IIe loaded with cards. 

TransWarp Card – Apple IIe

May 8, 2016

TransWarpGS on my IIGS Rom 01        TransWarp MicroDrive Turbo

April 25, 2016

I bought this IIGS on eBay. I noticed some interesting connections on the picture of the back of it. There was no description of what was inside. It had the TransWarpGS and a RamKeeper card.  Best find I ever had. The hardrives depicted on the screen are actually partitions on my MicroDrive Turbo from ReactiveMicro. It’s a CF Card on a circuit card which can be placed in almost any slot. Very fast even without the TransWarpGS.