Mitac 5.25” Half-Height Drive for Apple’s

I acquired this via eBay. I plugged it into the back of my Franklin Ace 500. It fits quite nicely on my Franklin just under the shelf where my Laser128 EX sits. It is incredibly heavy. All metal.

I performed some simple tests first, with System Utilities 3, List Volumes, catalog, then finally format disk. Then I moved on to using it as my /DATA disk for pfs:Write program. I like using pfs:Write for tests on 5.25″ drives on my various Apple IIs and clones. But let me say, the Spell Checking on the 1 MHz setup versus the FastChip/lle at 16.6 MHz leaves a lot to be desired. See my blog entry of a few days ago.

Now, if only I could find/make/get the Mitac emblem as seen in this stock picture, I’d be set.

The Mitac was the first external drive I bought for my Apple IIc in late 80’s.


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