WiModem232/OLED v2 – Connect Apple IIGS to BBSs

Great device for connecting to BBSs from IIGS through Wifi to your router. Links are below. [ You can also use IIe with serial card. ]

The WiModem232/OLED



The serial cable from IIGS Modem port to WiModem232.


Note: you have to supply your own 5v USB power connector. With all those old phone charger cords I’m pretty sure you’ll have one. My cord came from a camera card hub. You know, one of those hubs where you can plug a CF, SD, XM, etc cards in to transfer pictures or files to your computer.

Connecting with ProTERM v3.1. The link is below with the other links.

Connected to my Netgear router. Note: Please see the V2 in the upper right hand corner. This is the latest version. It’s plug and play with the IIGS. In the manual you can ignore pages 19 through 21.

Here is the parameter screen I have set for each site as reference.

Here are a few more screen shots.

Scanning for routers.

The one issue I had was when I tried to use the xfinitywifi router/modem supplied by Comcast. It allows you to connect the WiModem232 to the router but no further. I struggled with this before I just switched to connecting to my NetGear router SSID Smudge. Then everything went fine.

Here is the WiModem232 web site:


Here is the link to the manual.


Here is the site to get the ProTerm software for the IIGS.


Here is the link to the disk image containing the ProTerm software.


Just ordered a case for it. Coming from Canada. I’ll let you know results.


They have 2 resolutions. The standard one is $2 less.

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