AppleWorks 5.1 in Virtual IIe Emulator 

Thought I’d try it out. Downloaded AW5 from and unzip to Install and Program 2mg images. I ran the install to put it on my 32MB ProDOS drive where AW2 and AW3 also reside. Install front-end program is very different. See the 3 screen shots at the end.

By default it comes with a bunch of macros loaded at startup. The Print Name & Address writes it to the document as you can see. Image adjusted for privacy.

Ran Spell Checker.

Loaded up a bunch of TimeOut Applications. It comes with some TimeOut Apps but I added some from DeskTools I and DeskTools II. Some peculiar results when running some of those older versions.

Calculator a little funky.

Note Pad behaved nicely.

This is a snapshot of the PDF created in the Virtual II Emulator. These are raw notes I made as I went along. There are typos below since I hadn’t run Spell Check yet. 

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