• Picked up this Apple IIGS Rom 3 for nice price. They’re hard to come by. Plugged in 3.5 drive, monitor, keyboard mouse and gave it a whirl. So far A-OK. Ran Where in the USA IS Carmen Sandiego an GSOS 6.01 system disk. Rom 3 comes with 1 meg ram standard vs 256k on Rom 1.
  • Added 4 meg of ram with C V Technologies GS Memory card Rev B
  • Booted up GEOS, Ran GeoWrite updating mini Journal. It was run from 3.5 floppy created from HDV image downloaded from Open-Apple podcast site
  • Created 1 meg ram drive
  • Replaced Battery with brand new one. Old battery dated 8-89

a little dirty

Don’t know what that is on the game port.

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