Slingbox Pro-Making it Work with an Apple Extreme in my Network

I bought an Apple Extreme Router a few months ago and could never get it to work with my SlingBox Pro which I had been running on my Belkin Wireless G Router for over a year just fine. Seems no one has been successful directly connecting a Slingbox to an Apple Extreme Router. After discussing with others I finally made my Apple Extreme Router a SubNet off of my old Belkin Router which I connected to the Cable Modem rather than the Apple Extreme. I hooked the SlingBox Pro to the Belkin as before and everything seems to be functioning fine. The Apple Extreme Router is connected to the Belkin via ethernet cable. I did not change a single setting on either router. I took the Belkin which I had unplugged a few months ago for the Apple Extreme which I have been running since, and I just plugged the Apple Extreme to the Belkin. The ethernet cable runs from the Apple Extreme WAN port to one of the normal device ethernet ports on the Belkin. The 2 networks have different names and run on different channels (1 and 11). Bothe networks use their default netwrok IPs. The Belkin uses the 192.168.X.X IPs while the Apple Extreme uses the 10.X.X.X. Everyone in the house uses the Apple Extreme as the main wireless router to connect to (it has great range and strong signal management) and I connect to the Belkin Network only for Slingplayer. I did not need to change the NAT settings on each either. Both routers still have DHCP enabled. I am able to connect within my home and from the outside via the Internet.


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